Shimon Peres' Filipino Caregiver Posts Tender Goodbye on Facebook

Thanking Peres for 'trusting a Filipino like me,' Ferdz Capacia writes he'll miss the late statesman's smile, his 'big voice' and the way he wished him goodnight in Hebrew before going to sleep.

Shimon Peres.

Ferdz Capacia, Shimon Peres’s Filipino caregiver, said goodbye to his “VIP boss” in a tender note on Facebook after Israel’s 9th president passed away on Wednesday morning.

Capacia wrote that he would miss Peres’s smile, his “big voice” and the way he wished him goodnight in Hebrew before he went to sleep, saying “Layla tov, Freddy.”

Capacia thanked the elder statesman for “trusting a Filipino like me.”

According to the Philippine Embassy in Israel, there are 31,000 Filipinos working legally in Israel, most of them as caregivers for the elderly. 

Workers rights groups estimate that thousands of other Filipinos work in Israel without legal documentation. About 80% of Filipino workers in Israel are women.

“I can proudly say on behalf of the FILIPINO COMMUNITY HERE IN ISRAEL WE LOVE YOU,” Capacia said.

He did not respond to an immediate request for comment.