Rank and File: Sharon Players Choose 'Sitting Pretty' for 51st Production in 35 Years

Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel hold two gala openings for 7th Annual Children & Teen Creative Arts Exhibit; Israel, British and Commonwealth Association hosts Melanie Philips for latest public lecture.

Steve Klein
Steven Klein
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The case of the Sharon Players’ “Sitting Pretty” with new addition Vera Freudmann, inset.
The case of the Sharon Players’ “Sitting Pretty” with new addition Vera Freudmann, inset.Credit: Mimi Tanaman
Steve Klein
Steven Klein

STRENGTH TO STRENGTH: In the wake of its previous success, the AACI, the Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel, held not one but two gala openings for its 7th Annual Children & Teen Creative Arts Exhibit. First, over 200 people attended last Sunday’s opening for young artists at the AACI’s Glassman Family Center in Jerusalem. Later in the week saw the opening of the writer’s exhibition. Both events were successful, the AACI’s Donna Grushka, who organizes the event sponsored by the Betsy Sugarman Memorial Fund, told Haaretz. “A lot of the entries were not from Jerusalem,” she noted. “We have a whole lot of kids through the schools, English speakers and non-English speakers, Jews and non-Jews. This is our outreach to the whole community.” The exhibit will be on display until the end of April.

SITTING PRETTY: For its 51st production in 35 years, the Sharon Players have chosen “Sitting Pretty” by Amy Rosenthal. According to stage manager Mimi Tanaman, the bittersweet comedy “is about relationships – between two middle-aged, single sisters; between an artist and his string of heartbroken lovers; between a woman and her past; and between their present and the courage to forge a new future.” The production will be performed in Tel Aviv next Wednesday and Thursday, and close March 27 in Ra’anana. Directed by Manchester native Phil Cohen, it features Albert Levi, Linda Goldstein,Vera Freudmann, Michael Singer, Linda Silverstone, Dalia Librus, Yohan Segev, Judy Baily and Robin Reiss. For tickets, call Robin at (054) 448-7175.

MARVY MELANIE: The IBCA - Israel, British and Commonwealth Association - has decided to bring back British journalist Melanie Phillips for its latest public lecture. “We had her three or four years ago, and she was a tremendous draw,” recalled the IBCA’s Renee Singer. “She is based now in Israel, spending part of her time in Jerusalem.” Phillips, who has a weekly column in The Times of London, will speak on “Israel, Europe and the West” in Herzliya Pituach. Singer told Haaretz she was “delighted” that some 200 people are registered to come, and there is room for a few more, noting that Phillips is popular with the mostly-British IBCA members because “they know her and they’ve identified with her.” For reservations, call Renee by Sunday (052) 545-5634.

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