Shalit Deal to Free Palestinian Prisoners Sentenced to Thousands of Years in Prison

According to the official prisoner list published by the Israel Prison Service, the Israel-Hamas prisoner swap agreement will release 275 prisoners sentenced to life in prison.

As the public debate rages on concerning the Palestinian prisoners released in a deal meant to secure the freedom of Israeli soldier Gilad shalit, a Haaretz investigation ahows that the 477 prisoners due to be released in the first stage of Israel-Hamas deal were sentenced to a total of 883 life sentences, in addition to 4,940 years in prison.

According to the official prisoner list published by the Israel Prison Service on Sunday, 275 of the inmates due to be release were sentenced to life in prison, an average of 3.21 life sentences per prisoner.

Shalit prisoner swap - Alon Ron - 16.10.2011
Alon Ron

Another 198 prisoners were sentenced to an average of 24.9 years in prison, with an additional 3 detainees still awaiting sentencing.

Of the prisoners serving terms shorter than life sentences, 11 were sentenced to less than 11 years; 54 were sent to between 11-20 years; 96 were sent to terms as long as 20-30 years; and 27 prisoners were sentenced to 30 years or more.

Earlier Sunday, prison officials began the transportation of the prisoners due to be released in the Shalit deal from 16 different detention centers to the Ktzi'ot prison in southern Israel.

The 27 female inmates to be released as part of the Israel-Hamas agreement were moved in the morning from Damon prison in the Carmel area to Hasharon prison in the center of Israel.

On Monday, the High Court is due to discuss petitions submitted against the Shalit deal, one by the Almagor Terror Victims Association, as well as two other private petitions.