Senior Israeli General Accused of Hoarding Container Full of Weapons

Military Police are looking into how the senior officer obtained Kalashnikov rifles and other arms – and why he didn't report them

ILLUSTRATION: Weapons recovered by police after being stolen from the Sde Teiman army base in May.
Israel Police Spokesman

A high-ranking Israel Defense Forces officer was questioned by the Military Police on Sunday on suspicion that he is in illegal possession of a shipping container filled with unauthorized military equipment. The IDF is awaiting the results of the investigation before making a decision on the future of the brigadier general’s military career.

A preliminary investigation against the general was launched after the Military Police received information that when the general was due to be transferred from one base to another, he took a shipping container with him. The container was supposed to be used to store his personal equipment but he allegedly took other military equipment without permission, too.

The Military Police are investigating how the officer obtained the military equipment, which includes items Kalashnikov rifles and other weapons, and why he did not report having the equipment.

The general's lawyers, chief military defender Ran Cohen and his deputy, Ariel Hevron, issued a statement noting the brigadier general's distinguished combat career in a number of senior positions.

"The officer had a shipping container that has gone with him from time to time while switching bases, in which he has made it a practice to store his personal equipment and other items intended for IDF soldiers. He is an officer who is committed to values, is honest and is cooperating fully with investigators and is providing his version [of the story]. The officer is convinced that the investigation will end without any criminal [charges]," said the lawyers.