Senior IDF Officer Appeals Dismissal After Convicted of Lying

Imad Fares was dismissed from military service after falsifying a report about an accident involving his wife, who drove his army issued car against IDF regulations.

A senior officer in the Israel Defense Forces appealed to the Tel Aviv District Court Sunday against a decision to terminate his military career after he was convicted of lying to the army.

Brig. Gen. Imad Fares, the former commander of Division 91, was sentenced to a reprimand and a warning at a disciplinary hearing in April 2010.

Last July it was uncovered that Fares had falsified a report to the army about a car accident involving his wife, who was driving Fares' army-issued car. Fares later wrote in a report that he had been in the car while his wife was driving at the time of the accident, although it emerged later that he was not.

IDF regulations forbid career officers' spouses from driving the army's cars unless the officer is in the car as well.

Fared lied to his commanders when reporting the incident and then later admitted his guilt.

Following the hearing before Deputy Chief of Staff Benny Gantz, Fares decided to resign from military service, but later changed his mind, leading Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi to terminate Fares' military career.

Fares submitted his appeal to Tel Aviv district court, asking to reverse the decision and to appoint him to a position in the IDF in accordance with his rank and experience.

In his appeal, Fares asked the court to issue a temporary injunction to stop Fares' termination due at the end of November.