Security Personnel Shoot and Kill Fellow Agent at Gaza Border

Amir Maimoni, 29, was shot during operational duties. Other details of the case have not been released for publication.

Looking into Gaza from the Kerem Shalom border crossing, February 2016.
Ilan Assayag

Security forces accidentally shot and killed Shin Bet security agent Amir Maimoni, 29, near the Gaza border on Tuesday, security officials said.

The incident occurred on Tuesday evening as a special operational force of the Shin Bet was operating along the frontier with Gaza. Maimoni was mortally wounded in the incident and later died of his injuries.

Twenty-nine-year-old Amir Maimoni, who was killed in a Shin Bet operation near the Gaza border.

Details of the incident were not published for hours due to a gag order.

The security establishment was expected to investigate what led the forces to open fire. The Shin Bet was to examine the reason for the shooting and what safety regulations the forces were issued ahead of their operations.

Maimoni lived in Zohar, a town southeast of Ashkelon. He was buried on Wednesday afternoon in Noga, a town north of Zohar. .