Israeli Army Reveals Existence of Previously Undisclosed Air Force Base

Newly revealed air base is called Sdot Haela; Israeli Air Force website's map doesnt show its location

The Israeli army has officially revealed the existence of a previously unacknowledged air base, called Sdot Haela, whose commander is an officer with the rank of colonel.

The Israel Air Force operates 11 major air bases, but until now only publicly acknowledged 10 of them. Now, though, military documents – which have been released on the IDFs official website, in accordance with the Freedom of Information Law – mention another air base for the first time. It is commanded by Col. Binyamin.

Under Israel Air Force Commander Maj. Gen. Amir Eshel, the military operates several air bases – from Ramat David in the north to the Uvda air base near Eilat. An IDF document that describes the structure of the air force corps and its divisions lists the names of all the air bases and their commanders names.

Until now, there was no mention in any official military document that there was a base called Sdot Haela. The IAF website, which has a map of all the forces air bases, still doesnt acknowledge the existence of the base, let alone where it is located.

Following Haaretz's report, the IDF removed the document concerning the newly revealed base.