Sami Peretz Steps Down After 12 Years as TheMarker Editor

Structural changes in Haaretz-TheMarker group are opposed in part by employees, who have declared a labor dispute

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Sami Peretz
Credit: Eyal Toueg

Sami Peretz is leaving his post as editor of TheMarker after 12 years, Amos Schocken, publisher of Haaretz-TheMarker, told employees on Thursday.

Avi Bar-Eli, currently TheMarker’s editor for infrastructure, will take his place. In addition, TheMarker’s editor will for now report to the editor-in-chief of Haaretz, Aluf Benn, a move employees said they opposed.

“Benn will be the editor-in-chief of TheMarker, just as he is editor-in-chief of all the newspaper and its various parts,” Schocken said in a letter to the staff.

“Peretz will remain at TheMarker and Haaretz as a senior writer and commentator. Sami led TheMarker to extraordinary achievements in the Israeli media and gave tremendous value to the public and the newspaper.”

Schocken sent the letter as a meeting was being held by the Haaretz-TheMarker workers committee, which has declared a labor dispute. Workers are protesting what they say is a unilateral move by management without any input from the staff.

The Union of Journalists in Israel, which represents employees, said workers were protesting against “aggressive, unilateral measures taken in bad faith by management before negotiations have begun.” It said it was seeking clarifications and urged management to take no step before talks begin.

In a letter to the staff, Peretz said, “I am very proud of the tremendous change in economics coverage in Israel led by TheMarker – a revolution that is reflected in the ever greater knowledge and involvement of the public in economics content and in the multiplicity of economics content in all the media.

“At the age of 12, I began working as a sports reporter at an important Dimona newspaper,” Peretz continued. “I never imagined it would grow into this, a career of many years at the helm of the most important, influential news medium in the Israeli economy and society. I am proud and happy I was given this opportunity.”