Ronaldo Tweet Sparks Latest Virtual Battle of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

All the popular soccer player wanted to do was to announce that he would be appearing in a television commercial for an Israeli cable company.

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The latest battlefield in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict reared its ugly head on Wednesday on Cristiano Ronaldo's Twitter account of all places.

Ronaldo was acknowledging that he had made a commercial for Israeli TV cable company Hot. "There are rumors that I'm going to be a star in Israel," he tweeted. "Not in soccer In a HOT commercial."

While the initial responses were positive like "@Cristiano that commercial will have your many fans in Israel thrilled" and "I love CR7 I love Israel," one user turned up the heat by tweeting "you mean Palestine though." Another user immediately responded, "No I think he really means Israel."

The conversations then descended to the usual territory, with Israel advocates defending the country with comments like referring to Israel's 3,000-year history and "It’s the country that provides medical treatment to the poor #syrian people and the only democracy in the #MiddleEast" as well as more aggressive ones like "to all the mohameds and ahmeds out there.. GET A LIFE! Involving politics and evil with football sucks."

Anti-Israel/anti-Semitic comments ranged from "I HATE ISRAEL" and "F****G IDOT JEW" to "death to Israel" in Hebrew.

All in all, Ronaldo's announcement garnered over 2,400 retweets and over 6,400 likes within the first 22 hours, as of Thursday.