Projectile From Gaza Lands in Israel

The projectile, which landed in an open area, is the latest incident in a round of violence between Hamas and Israel

FILE PHOTO: Impact site of a projectile in an open area in the Eshkol Regional Council, July 19, 2018.
Eliyahu Hershkovitz

>> Update: Israeli aircrafts attack Hamas targets in Gaza after projectile fired into Israel

Following rocket sirens in Gaza border communities on Friday evening, the Israel Defense Forces confirmed that a projectile was launched from the Gaza Strip at Israel. 

The Eshkol Regional Council released a statement saying that the projectile landed in an open area between two communities, causing no damage or casaulties. 

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Tensions have been rising between Hamas and Israel, caused by the return of incendiary balloon launches from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory. In addition, Hamas has also renewed its nighttime activities on the Gaza border fence.    

Earlier Friday, 23-year-old Tamer Khaled Mustafa of Gaza was killed by Israeli fire during clashes on the Gaza border, the Gaza Health Ministry said. It was the 50th consecutive week of Palestinian protests at the fence. 

Israeli forces also arrested two Palestinians who crossed from Gaza into Israel on Friday. According to an IDF statement, a grenade and a knife were found during searches of the area and of the Palestinians' clothing.   

On Thursday, Gazans opened fire on IDF infrastructure near the border fence, and the Israeli military responded by shelling a Hamas military post in northern Gaza. 

The military activated the Iron Dome missile defense system on Wednesday evening after a projectile was fired from Gaza. In response, Israeli aircraft targeted a Hamas compound in the Gaza Strip.