Rivlin: Confederation of Two States, Israeli and Palestinian, Is the Only Solution

Meeting with foreign journalists, the president promotes land swaps and defined borders, but says there can be only one army - Israel's.

President Rivlin speaking at the annual Israel Conference for Peace, organized by Haaretz.
Tomer Appelbaum

President Reuven Rivlin believes that the appropriate solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict is the establishment of two states, Israeli and Palestinian, in the context of a confederation and with defined borders and land swaps, Israel Radio reported on Thursday.

Rivlin's statement was made in a meeting with foreign journalists, the radio station said, adding that a recording of the conversation had come into its possession. There was no indication as to when the statement was made.

The president predicated his two-state solution on the existence of only one army – Israel's – and two parliaments with two constitutions.

The president's bureau said in response that Rivlin remains opposed to the establishment of a separate Palestinian state and is committed to the establishment of a confederation.

It added that Rivlin had stressed in the conversation that the prime minister makes policy decisions in Israel, not the president.

The president has spoken about a confederation in the past, but has not previously used the term "states" in the context of the Israel-Palestine dispute.