Revealed: Who Really Operates 'The Mossad' Twitter Handle

Online since September 2016, Israeli intelligence agency's un-official handle specializes in one thing - trolling

Mossad fake twitter account

UPDATE to our Nov 22, 2017 story: The Israeli behind "The Mossad" (@TheMossadIL) has been identified as Shawn Eni, a Canadian living in the central Israeli city of Modi'in who works in business software. Eni told The Jerusalem Post that he started the account in September 2016 to poke fun at those who blame the Israeli espionage agency for "whatever. Among them stealing shoes, and sharks and vultures."

"The Mossad" (@TheMossadIL) is vying to join the ranks of famed satirical twitter troll accounts like "Darth Putin" (@DarthPutinKGB), "Soviet Sergey" (@SovietSergey) and even "Edgar Allen Poe" (@Edgar_Allen_Poe). 

While the account doesn't tweet in dark couplets, whomever is behind it certainly has a way with words - laying into the BDS movement, Israeli hasbarah and basically any and all Israel related news. 

The account, which has been around since September 2016, currently has twenty-four thousand followers, but only follows actress and Rabbi- wannabe Roseanne Barr - who it claims is "up to something shady." The account even takes aim at children's books - skewering the controversial "P is for Palestine."

Enjoy the comedy: