Report: Two Gaza Teens Killed Playing With Leftover IDF Artillery

The two 16-year-olds were playing with the artillery east of Gaza City when it exploded.

An explosion killed two Palestinian teenagers in the Gaza Strip Friday, Palestinian medical officials said.

The teenagers, both age 16, apparently were playing with an explosive device left by the Israel Defense Force in the Shajaiyeh neighborhood, east of Gaza City, when it exploded, immediately killing one and fatally wounding the other.

rocket - Limor Edri - June 24, 2005
Limor Edri

The injured teen died of his wounds at Shifa hospital in Gaza City, said the sources.

Meanwhile, the same medical sources also reported that three other Palestinians were injured from IDF shooting at areas near Gaza City.

The three, one teenager and the other two in their 30s were shot in the leg apparently when they were near the Israeli-built security fence.

They were reported in stable condition.

On Thursday, the IDF launched air strikes on the Gaza Strip, hours after a mortar shell fired by militants wounded a man at an agricultural community close to the border, IDF officials said.

A military spokeswoman said the strikes were aimed at three separate targets in the Gaza Strip, two of which militants confirmed were sites they used for training. No casualties were reported.

The IDF strike was apparently in retaliation for a rocket attack from Gaza on Wednesday night. Gaza militants fired about five mortar rounds late on Wednesday and fragments from one of them wounded one man.

The man, the head of security in one of the kibbutzim in the Eshkol region, which borders the Gaza Strip, was reportedly hit in the neck by a piece of shrapnel outside his home. He was taken by helicopter to hospital in Beersheba, but his wounds were not life-threatening, the IDF spokeswoman said.

He was the first casualty from shells fired by Gaza militants into Israel since March when an agricultural laborer from Thailand was killed when he was hit by a mortar shell.