Report in Iran: Syrian Commander Escapes Israeli Assassination Attempt

According to the Fars news agency, Israel fired two missiles at the commander's convoy.

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Israeli forces in the Golan Heights.
Israeli forces in the Golan Heights. Credit: Gil Eliahu

An Iranian news agency reported on Friday that Israel tried to assassinate a commander in the Syrian army, but failed. 

According to the report in Fars, Majid Heymoud, the commander of the First Battalion of Golan Regiment in the Syrian military, was visiting al-Samdaniya, a town in southern Syria, when his convoy was attacked by two missiles fired from the Israeli side of the border. The news agency did not specify when the alleged assassination attempt took place. 

The report, which cited "battlefield sources," said that Nusra Front militants also tried to attack Heymoud after the alleged Israeli missile strike, but he again survived.  

This past Monday, Israel struck targets in Syria after mortars exploded on the Israeli side of the Golan Heights, most likely a result of errant fire from the Syrian war raging across the border. No one was injured and no damage was caused.

The mortars exploded across from the key border city of Quneitra, which has been scene to ongoing fighting between pro-regime forces and Syrian rebels. In recent weeks, there has been increased fighting in the Syrian border town of Quneitra.

According to the Israeli army, the mortars exploded near the border fence and the IAF hit the "point of origin" of the fire, with sources in Syria identifying the targets as two military outposts belonging to the Syrian army in the town of Al Ba'ath near Quneitra.