Report: Suspected Spy for Israel Escapes From Lebanon

A Lebanese telecommunications worker, suspected of spying for Israel, has fled to Israel, the Lebanese newspaper A-Nahar reports.

A Lebanese man suspected of spying for Israel successfully escaped from Lebanon to Israel on Friday by crossing the border near Bint Jbeil, the Lebanese newspaper A-Nahar reported on Sunday.

The man, an employee of the state-owned Alfa mobile telecommunications company, was not one of the two Alfa employees, Charbel Qazzi and Tareq Raba, who were recently arrested by Lebanon on charges of spying for Israel. The third man apparently feared that he would also be arrested and decided to flee to Israel.

The A-Nahar report was not confirmed by Lebanese or Israeli officials.

The Lebanese newspaper ad-Diyar reported on Sunday that Lebanese security forces are compiling a comprehensive report on spy networks that have been uncovered within the country. The report will detail how security forces were able to track and break up the networks.

According to ad-Diyar, the security forces decided to compile the report after Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah, in a speech in Beirut on Saturday, accused the Lebanese security forces of knowing in advance about the alleged Alfa spy ring and failing to speedily arrest its members.

Hezbollah's al-Manar television station has reported that Lebanese military intelligence has launched a broad investigation into the country's communications networks, and is focusing intensively on the Alfa and MTC telecommunications companies.