Netanyahu's Son Reportedly Suing Political Activist Over Fake Passport Allegations

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, left, with his son Yair, at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, March 18, 2015.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, left, with his son Yair, at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, March 18, 2015.Credit: Thomas Coex/AFP

Yair Netanyahu, the 27-year-old son of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is reportedly suing a political activist who claimed that the prime minister asked the Mossad to issue a fake passport to Yair so that he could open foreign bank accounts.

The suit, in which Netanyahu is demanding 140,000 shekels (over $39,000) from Abie Binyamin, was reported on Wednesday night by Israel's Channel 2 television news.

In a Facebook post from August 17, 2016, Binyamin alleged that Benjamin Netanyahu called the head of the Mossad and requested a passport for his son Yair under a fake name, citing security reasons, but in fact in order to allow Yair to open foreign bank accounts. Binyamin cited the Panama Papers dump and claimed that the prime minister holds millions of dollars, given to him by vested interests, in foreign accounts. 

The news report noted that while the prime minister is being investigated by police over a number of allegations of corruption, none have anything to do with the claims that Binyamin made in regard to Yair Netanyahu.

The younger Netanyahu is currently being sued by the left-wing Israeli think tank Molad over a Facebook post he published last month. 

In a response to a post titled "Five things you didn't know about the heir to the throne, Yair Netanyahu" last week on "61," a Facebook page run by Molad, the 26-year-old called the organization "the radical anti-Zionist organization Molad, which is funded [in turn] by the Israel Destruction Fund and the European Union." Molad describes itself as a site providing critical material to the Israeli public on socioeconomic issues and on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict." In another post Netanyahu wrote, "The Fund for the Destruction of Israel, funded by Soros and the European Union, is threatening me in the style of the Sicilian mafia. Actually, the term Bolsheviks suits them better."

The Seventh Eye compared Molad's lawsuit  to a libel suit filed by the prime minister, when he sued a journalist for writing on Facebook that Netanyahu was kicked out of his car by his wife. As it turns out, parts of the two lawsuits are almost identical. 

The report shows compares the two lawsuit and shows how entire paragraphs in the suit against Yair Netanyahu and the one brought by his father are almost word for word. Interestingly enough, the prime minister's suit was filed by the same lawyer now defending his son.

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