Report: Lebanon Says Israel Erecting 21 Spy Posts Along Its Border

Hezbollah officials claim Lebanon obtained information about posts covering all of Lebanon.

Lebanon's parliament accused Israel on of erecting 21 wiretapping and spy posts along the Lebanese border, Channel 10 quoted Quds Net news agency as having reported on Thursday.

Lebanon border
Yaron Kaminsky

Hassan Fadlallah, a Hezbollah representative in the Lebanese parliament, said that the parliament's media and committee had investigated photographs, documents and maps proving that Israel was engaging in intelligence activity.

Fadlallah added that the information obtained by the committee included the operation of the Israeli posts, their locations and the territory they cover.

Fadlallah added that the Israeli spy posts cover all of Lebanon's territory.

A military court on Monday sentenced to death two Lebanese citizens and one Palestinian charged with spying for Israel. Palestinian Mohammed Ibrahim Awad and Lebanese Robert Edmond Kfoury are both in custody. The third suspect, Lebanese Elias Riyad Karam, was charged in absentia.

Last spring, Lebanon arrested close to 20 alleged members of six espionage cells suspected of transmitting intelligence information to Israel. The two-month crackdown was apparently aided by American training and equipment.

The wave of detentions began in April 2009 with the arrest of a former brigadier general of the General Security directorate.