Israel Strikes Assad Regime Military Target in Syria, Foreign Media Reports

Syrian forces fire anti-aircraft missiles toward Israeli jets, according to pro-Assad media reports

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Israeli forces reportedly struck an Assad regime military target near Damascus, foreign media reported. Syrian forces allegedly fired anti-aircraft missiles toward Israeli jets, pro-Assad media reported. This is the second reported Israeli strike in Syria in the past week.

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According to the pro-Assad Al-Mayadeen website, the Israeli strikes targeted the Jamraya Research and Information Center, a security facility in a Damascus suburb. Local residents reported hearing loud blasts. The Hezbollah-affiliated Al-Manar reported that Syrian forces intercepted three of the six missiles fired by Israel.

The "scientific military facility" in Jamarya, a suburb northwest of Damascus, is known to Western intelligence agencies as a Syrian military complex where the Assad regime has developed missiles, rockets and apparently also non-conventional weapons.

>> Before and after: Aftermath of alleged Israeli strike on Iranian base in Syria, revealed

Satellite images depicting the damage wreaked on the bombed Iranian military base in Syria surfaced on Monday, two days following the attack, which foreign media attributed to Israel.

Media outlets affiliated with the Syrian regime said Israel Air Force jets fired missiles at the base overnight Friday, which was under construction and situated near Damascus, in the city of Al-Kiswa.

Details to follow

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