Report: Israel Demands Discharge of Lebanese Company Commander

Israel denies report; IDF believes commander solely responsible for sniper fire that killed and Israeli officer at Lebanon border Tues.

According to Lebanese media Israel has demanded the discharge of a commander in the Lebanese army, who is suspected of having ordered the sniper fire that killed an Israeli officer earlier this week, Army Radio reported.

A Lebanese soldier holding his rifle as Israeli troops patrol the border fence in the southern Leban

On Tuesday, while Israeli troops were trimming a tree on the border fence between Israel and Lebanon, Lebanese soldiers opened fire at an observation post some 300 meters from the fence in Israeli territory. A senior Israel Defense Forces officer was killed, and another was seriously wounded.

Israel Defense Forces analysts speculated following the event that the sniper fire was ordered by a single Lebanese commander, and that the operation was not coordinated with higher ranks within the Lebanese military.

Army Radio quoted Lebanese newspaper A Nahar as having reported that Israel had approached officials in Lebanon demanding that the commander face trial. The Lebanese paper based its report on "Israeli sources" who reportedly warned that if Lebanon fails to take substantial action against this commander, Israel would target him personally and view the Lebanese soldiers deployed along the border as enemy soldiers.

Israeli officials have so far denied the report.