Report: Egypt Warns of Immediate Terror Threat From Sinai

Hamas militants reportedly smuggled Grad rockets from Gaza to Egypt, with intention of firing them at Israel and Jordan.

Egyptian security forces have raised their security alert across the Sinai Peninsula after receiving detailed warning that Palestinian militants were planning to fire rockets from within the territory at Israel and Jordan, the Palestinian news agency Ma'an reported on Sunday.

The security forces believe that a militant cell comprising mostly Hamas members infiltrated the peninsula through tunnels dug along the Gaza Strip's border with Egypt, smuggling with them long-range Grad rockets. The militants were planning to launch their attacks in the near future, according to the news agency.


Five Grad-type Katyusha rockets were fired last month from Sinai at Eilat and the neighboring Jordanian port city of Aqaba.

Two of those rockets fell in the Red Sea in Israeli territory, and a third exploded in an agricultural field within Israel. The other two rockets struck a populated hotel zone in Aqaba.

None of the rockets that struck Israeli territory caused any casualties or damages, but one person was killed and three others wounded in Jordan.

About three-and-a-half months ago, two Katyushas measuring 107 mm in diameter were fired from northern Sinai at the southern Israeli city of Eilat.

One of those rockets struck an industrial area near Aqaba and the other two landed in the Gulf of Eilat. There were no casualties in that incident. Jordanian and Israeli security forces launched a joint inquiry into the matter immediately.