Rank & File: There’s Nothing Like a Show on Broadway

Mel Brooks’ musical 'The Producers,' which opens at the Jerusalem Theater on October 19, has been a huge Broadway hit, but the show was not an easy choice for producer Yisrael Lutnick.

Leo, left, and Max on the set of “The Producers.”
Yehuda Koren

new shul in town: An initiative by English-speaking immigrants may bear fruit in the form of a new Reform congregation in Herzliya Pituah. The group, including London natives Doreen Gainsford and Ruth Cohen, held services last Yom Kippur attended by 120 people. They now anticipate holding regular services this Yom Kippur, with support from the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism.  “People came in with children 7 years old last year and said it was the first time they were entering a synagogue,” Gainsford said. “When they realized they could sit down with their whole family, it was a very big appeal.” Cohen, a former chairwoman of the World Union for Progressive Judaism, added, “there comes a moment when the communities themselves want it, and the fact of the matter is there is not a lot for people who want an egalitarian, open service in Herzliya Pituah.” They are meeting this year at the WIZO House but do not yet have a permanent location. For more  information, call Doreen at (050) 523-4771.

there’s nothing like a show on broadway: Mel Brooks’ musical “The Producers,” which opens at the Jerusalem Theater on October 19, has been a huge Broadway hit, but the show was not an easy choice for producer Yisrael Lutnick. “I’ve wanted to do it for a long time but was always hesitant,” Lutnick, who hails from Long Island, told Haaretz, wondering how numbers like “Springtime for Hitler” would strike Holocaust survivors who have seen his previous shows. “But there are a lot of important and positive values in the show,” Lutnick said. The six-week run will include performances in Be’er Sheva, Givatayim,  Modi’in, Netanya, Ramat Aviv, Ra’anana and Rehovot. The show stars Israeli actor Shai Amoyal and former New Yorker Howard Schechter, who has performed on the New York stage and in Yes TV’s “New York,” and more recently in “Atomic Felafel.” The cast also includes Dale David Honor, David Kilimnick and Meital Segal. For tickets, call (077) 450-6012.

in memoriam: Over 250 people attended AACI’s annual memorial ceremony in Jerusalem yesterday for North American-Israelis and close relatives killed in terror attacks or during military service. The youngest victim, whose name was added yesterday, was Hallel Yaffa Ariel, 13, murdered in her Kiryat Arba bedroom. Eitam and Na’ama Henkin as well as Rabbi Michael Mark were killed in drive-by shootings. Stabbing victims included Taylor Force, Richard Lakin, Ezra Schwartz and Tuvia Yanai Weisman. Avraham Goldman and Yonatan Suher were murdered in Istanbul. Chaim Rothman died of wounds sustained in the 2014 Har Nof yeshiva attack. Others remembered included Sgt. Shlomo Rindenow and Yair Mordechai. The latter died stopping a suicide bomber in 2001. U.S. Ambassador Daniel Shapiro and newly arrived Canadian Ambassador Deborah Lyons greeted the attendees.

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