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Raising the third sector

Over 200 executives and decision-makers from across Israeli society will gather at the Amuta21C conference in Tel Aviv to bolster local nonprofits on Monday. “One of our main motivations is to raise the third sector to the standard it should be; it is like the bastard stepchild of Israeli society,” says Shoshanna Jaskoll, co-founder of Reach3K. Jaskoll, a New Jersey native who runs her NGO with her sister Avra Nedjar and formed Amuta21C with Jonny Cline, CEO of UK Toremet, told Anglo File the event has two goals. The first is to provide individuals with access to all the tools and opportunities available to them they may not even know about,” she said. The second is “to build a community in the third sector.” Prominent speakers at the conference will be Ari Sacher, literally a rocket scientist originally from Toronto who works on the Iron Dome system; San Francisco native Aryeh Green, a former adviser to Natan Sharansky; Maryland graduate Avi Mayer, the Jewish Agency’s director; blogger Elie Klein; and consultant Jay Bailey, from L.A.

Groundbreaking discoveries

Hebrew University last week awarded the Rabbi Shai Shacknai Memorial Prize in Immunology and Cancer Research to the 2011 Nobel laureate in medicine, Dr. Bruce Beutler. The award recognizes Dr. Beutler’s “groundbreaking research and discoveries in the field,” according to Hebrew University. Dr. Beutler − a 55-year-old native of Chicago, and director of the Center for Genetics of Host Defense at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center − delivered two lectures at the Ein Kerem campus. He received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine along with Jules Hoffmann and Ralph Steinman for discoveries concerning the activation of innate immunity. Rabbi Shacknai was the Jerusalem-born spiritual leader and rabbi of the Wayne, New Jersey, Jewish community prior to his death from cancer at age 38.

Ongoing upheaval

One of the questions facing Israel’s next government is how to manage political changes among its neighbors in the region. Thus, it is somewhat fitting that the theme of this year’s annual symposium, held in honor of Dr. David Kimche, of the Israel Council on Foreign Relations is the “ongoing upheaval in the Middle East” in Jerusalem on March 10. “In the kind of exchange that was loved by British-born Dave Kimche, ICFR founding president and legendary figure in the world of diplomacy and intelligence, veteran observers from the world of diplomacy, academia and the media share their views on where the chaos in the Middle East is heading,” former New Yorker Laurence Weinbaum, the council’s director general, told Haaretz yesterday. Speakers will include former Ambassador to the EU Avi Primor; historian Eli Barnavi; Hebrew University history professor Robert S. Wistrich, who grew up in England; and former Ambassador to the U.S. Moshe Arad. The event will be held at Yad Yitzhak Ben-Zvi. For more info, call Yvette Shumacher at ‏(02‏) 633-3003.

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