Rank and File: Yisrael Lutnick Gets Biblical With 'Rewrite the World'

Plus South African opera diva Aviva Pelham performing 'Santa’s Story' in Herzliya and Eyal Sherf delivers a lecture-concert on 'Echoes of the Nazi Threat in "The Sound of Music," "Cabaret" and "The Producers"'

The cast of "Rewrite the World."
Yisrael Lutnick

SHOW OF BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS: For his company Israel Musicals’ latest production, writer-director Yisrael Lutnick is bringing in a biblical touch with “Rewrite the World.” The show is about a teenager, Aaron Cohen, who sees his parents’ marriage falling apart and ends up drawing inspiration from his biblical namesake, Aaron the High Priest. Lutnick, who hails from Long Island, told Haaretz that audiences connect “to the music first and foremost,” and that “anybody who enjoys stories of the Bible would enjoy it.” He added that it is reminiscent of “Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat.”

The cast includes Jensen Greif, Evelyn Inker, Lutnick, Zvi Goldfeld, Alex Falk, Bracha Daniel, Yisrael Levitt, Rivka Deray, Gal Boaron, Asher Halperin and Yossi Mark, who will be singing backup to Kobi Marimi for Israel at Eurovision this May. The show runs Sunday through Tuesday in Jerusalem and will be in Modi’in on March 31. For tickets, visit https://israel-theatre.com/tickets/

THE OTHER SANTA STORY: South African opera diva Aviva Pelham will take to the stage in Herzliya this Monday with the internationally acclaimed show “Santa’s Story,” which is based on the life story of her mother, Santa Pelham. Running through next Thursday, the first two performances are in support of Telfed, the South African Zionist Federation, and Keren Beth Protea, which assists individuals with limited means to live at Beth Protea retirement home.

“The show is the true story of her late mother’s life — she plays her own mother in the show — told through a combination of stirring narrative as well as song and music, including a live three-piece Klezmer band who are also coming from South Africa for the show,” Nicole Trope, community awareness director of Telfed, told Haaretz. Santa fled Nazi Germany, eventually passing through France and Spain en route to Zimbabwe (which was then known as Rhodesia). For tickets, call 09-790-7801.

AN UNLIKELY CONNECTION: Eyal Sherf will combine his talents as a singer, actor, cantor and lecturer on musical theater when he delivers a lecture-concert on “Echoes of the Nazi Threat in ‘The Sound of Music,’ ‘Cabaret’ and ‘The Producers,’” next Thursday at the Khan Theater. “When you think of musical theater, it’s very often perceived as fluff. We don’t really associate the Holocaust with musical theater, but yet when we look at these three musicals you can see the Nazi threat and the Holocaust are somehow present,” he told Haaretz. “If you look at the three as one unit, you see how they mirror the change in American attitudes toward the Holocaust.” Sherf, a graduate of the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire in England, will alternately show clips from the movies and perform pieces from the shows, accompanied by pianist Alla Danzig. For tickets, call (02) 630-3600.

Rank and File was compiled by Steven Klein.

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