Rank and File: Workshops for Aspiring Actors Kick Off in Tel Aviv

Hip-hop workshops and drum circles to feature at Shutaf anniversary party; women fight cancer at Breastival

Theater director Denise Shama
The Stage

CALLING ALL ASPIRING ACTORS: The Stage, Tel Aviv’s English-language performing arts organization, has opened registration for its fall workshop series, which will consist of three 10-week workshops. Adaya Turkia, who hails from Australia, will offer an improvisation course that will begin on October 29. The sessions will cover a range of core concepts from accepting and giving proposals through status exchange and narrative to character development and physicality on stage. Dan Schwartzman will run a workshop on musical theater, which is designed to give a “hands on” experience to actors and singers who want to be coached by a professional with 30 years of experience. Theater director Denise Shama, a graduate of San Diego State University, will offer a course entitled “Creating a Scene.” The workshop will explore the steps involved in acting, from pre-production to performance. For more info, visit thestagetlv.com.

Dan Schwartzman, who will run a workshop on musical theater
The Stage

CELEBRATING INCLUSION: Shutaf Inclusion Programs is celebrating 10 years of work bringing together hundreds of children with and without disabilities at Jerusalem’s Tachana this Tuesday. Beth Steinberg, co-founded the organization with fellow New Yorker Miriam Avraham less than a year after moving to Israel. “I have this theory — I don’t think it’s uniquely mine — that aliyah and innovation are deeply connected,” she told Haaretz. “That is to say, when you’re unmoored from all that you know and knew, you have an opportunity to remake yourself or delve into a new area that might have seemed interesting in the old country but just not doable.” Next week’s event includes fun family activities like a hip-hop workshop with Marvin, shadow theater with Leora Sack and drum circle with David Fenster. For more info, email elisa@campshutaf.org.

FIGHTING CANCER AT A BREASTIVAL: School of Shine, a positive resource and community for women to find strength, inspiration, and practical ways to connect with their happiness, is hosting its third annual Breastival Tel Aviv to help raise funds for a local breast cancer immigrant-driven initiative on October 24. “School of Shine is excited to be supporting a woman in our community whose aim is to directly impact our community,” the organization’s founder, Zo Flamenbaum, who is Israeli-born but New Jersey-bred, told Haaretz. “We did a lot of thinking about whether to donate to research or an existing NGO but we were also open to new ideas from our community.” Alona Metz, a breast cancer survivor who hails from Los Angeles, is starting a nonprofit that aims to provide supportive programming for English speakers living in Israel who have been touched by cancer. For more info, contact Zo at (054) 615-4315.

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