Rank and File: U.K. Parliament Invites Israeli Professor to Share Obesity Findings

Plus, Jeremy's Circle hosts an event at the Jerusalem zoo and JET theater hosts a 24-hour play festival

Steve Klein
Steven Klein
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Prof. Mary Rudolf in front of Parliament in London, July 16, 2019.
Prof. Mary Rudolf in front of Parliament in London, July 16, 2019.Credit: Prof. Mary Rudolf of Bar-Ilan Un
Steve Klein
Steven Klein

LEEDS IN THE LEAD: The British Parliament invited Prof. Mary Rudolf, head of the Center for Public Health at Bar-Ilan University, to share her findings on efforts to combat obesity with its Food and Health Forum on Tuesday. Rudolf, an honorary professor at the University of Leeds for 20 years before moving to Israel in 2012, found that Leeds has bucked the global trend of increasing child obesity, observing a 6.4 percent decline between 2009 and 2017. “There was a great deal of interest in obesity data,” Rudolf told Haaretz about the parliamentarians. “They inquired about the enforcement of policy change regarding sweet and non-nutritious food, and a healthy breakfast.” Leeds’ success is attributed to its adoption of HENRY – Health Exercise Nutrition for the Really Young, an intervention she and her colleagues developed that trains health and community practitioners to work in innovative ways to help parents provide their families with a healthier start in life.

JEREMY’S CIRCLE: Friends and family of Jeremy Coleman, who fulfilled his dream of moving from England to Israel to raise a family, gathered at Yarkonim cemetery last Friday to remember him. While he was a successful strategy consultant working with high-tech and telecom companies in Israel, “more than anything else, he was a great dad,” his widow, Pamela Becker, told Haaretz. She noted he was very Zionistic and “a firm believer in working with our neighbors for mutual prosperity.” At the ceremony, friends poked fun at Jeremy for being a Sunderland fan and praised his cooking. Pamela said it was important for the three children to hear how his friends remember him. Pamela co-founded Jeremy’s Circle with his sisters Juliette and Naomi Coleman, which now supports over 650 families coping with cancer and cancer loss. The next event is a visit to the Jerusalem zoo July 26. For more info, call Yitz at (052) 323-7707.

DAY OF THEATER: JET, the Jerusalem English Theater will be hosting a 24-hour play festival at JET Venues starting Tuesday. Actors, directors and writers can register either as a team or opt to collaborate with new people. “There is going to be a theme but we are not announcing it until we get there,” Charles B. Davies, the founder of JET, told Haaretz. “The reason we are doing it is to open more opportunities for people to get out there and act and work on their craft,” explained Davies, who hails from New Jersey. “Because it is so constrained, a lot of cool things can come out of it.” During the 24 hours, the teams will write up a script for a 10-minute play, rehearse and then perform it before an audience on Wednesday afternoon. For more info, visit the Jerusalem English Theater Community Facebook page or call Charles at 054-622-0850.

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