Rank and File: Toby Press Marks Completion of Its S.Y. Agnon Library

Stage TLV has announced its new series of performing arts workshops ■

Rabbi Jeffrey Saks at Agnon House in Jerusalem

NOBEL EFFORT: The Toby Press will mark the completion of its S.Y. Agnon Library with a celebratory evening at Tmol Shilshom, an Agnon-themed Jerusalem café, on Monday. “Agnon’s writings are a form of modern midrash, distilling the Jewish canon into modern literature, but much of that is lost, even on contemporary readers,” Jeffrey Saks, the series editor, told Haaretz. He said the 15 translated volumes include annotations that “open up Agnon’s writing with its resonances in the Jewish bookshelf.” The event, which will be moderated by Koren senior editor Gila Fine, includes a scene from “The Outcast,” Toby’s latest work by the Nobel Prize laureate, directed by Theater and Theology’s Yael Valier. Toby is a division of Koren Publishers. Saks, who grew up in New Jersey, will also have a conversation with illustrator Shay Charka, who made a comic book version of one of Agnon’s works, which Toby has also translated. The event is co-sponsored by the Agnon House. Register at https://eventbuzz.co.il/lp/event/Outcast.

BRUSH UP: The Stage TLV has announced its new series of performing arts workshops, which will run from the week of January 27 through March. Improvisation 101 will be taught by Adaya Turkia, a clinical psychologist originally from Sydney, Australia, who has been involved in improv drama for seven years. Shira Dickler Schneck, who studied drama in the United States and recently wrote a musical, will run the playwriting workshop. Denise Shama, a director and actress in Haifa originally from the United States, will be in charge of the acting workshop. Turkia noted that most of the people who teach are also community volunteers, and that the workshops aim to give aspiring thespians who have not been involved in The Stage’s productions opportunities to improve their skills. More info and registration at www.thestagetlv.com

DRUNK POETRY: Literary and gastronomic culture will cross paths in Safed when the Mystic Mountain Craft Brewery hosts a slew of English-language poets next Thursday. “This will be a thought-provoking and entertaining evening of English-language poetry from poets who are active in Israel’s significant English-language literary scene,” Michael Dickel, one of the three featured poets, told Haaretz. “And the brewery’s beer is good.” The other featured poets will be Reuven Goldfarb, whose works have been widely published,and Shlomo Sher, recipient of last year’s Glenna Luschei Distinguished Poet Award. Invited readers include Yehudit Goldfarb, Ann Bar-Dov, Pesach Rotem and Michael Kagan. Dickel, a winner of the Reuben Rose Prize, added that the readers include members of both the Israel Association of Writers in English and Voices Israel. For more info, email poetsprogress@gmail.com.

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