Rank and File: The AACI Remembers Fallen Soldiers

Poets from all over the country gathered in Haifa for the launching of the 2017 Voices Israel Anthology | Friendship Circle of Jerusalem is holding its second annual Art of Friendship Gala Auction

A woman waters flowers by grave of a fallen soldier on the eve of memorial Day in Kiryat Shaul military cemetery in Tel Aviv, Israel, Sunday, April 30, 2017. Israel marks the annual Memorial Day in remembrance of soldiers who died in the nation's conflicts, beginning at dusk Sunday until Monday evening.
Moti Milrod

REMEMBERING FALLEN SOLDIERS: The AACI, the Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel, will hold its national memorial ceremony next Tuesday afternoon at the AACI Memorial Site near Sha’ar Hagai. “To our great sorrow, the following people will be remembered and their names added to the Memorial Plaque this year: David Golovensitz, Erez Orbach and Niot Watzman,” the AACI announced. Golovensitz, 22, was shot and killed in the line of duty in Hebron in July. He was known for buying food on Fridays and delivering it to the needy. Orbach, 20, was killed in a truck-ramming attack in Jerusalem in January. He volunteered for the army despite having a disability that had exempted him. Watzman, 20, died after a scuba diving accident while in the army in 2011. The featured speaker will be Yael Eckstein, senior vice president of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. The AACI will provide a bus from Jerusalem. For more info, call (02) 566-1181.

PRIZED POETS: Poets from all over the country gathered in Haifa last Thursday for the launching of the 2017 Voices Israel Anthology and to hear select readings by its authors. Dina Yehuda, editor-in-chief of the anthology, greeted the nearly 100 poets who contributed to this year’s publication. The 43rd edition of the anthology featured the 2016 Reuben Rose Poetry Competition winners. Ricky Rapoport Friesem won first prize, followed by Joyce Schmid and Wendy Dickstein. Honorable mentions included Chaim Bezalel, Davi Walders, Grace Curtis, Ellaraine Lockie, Judith R. Robinson, Bill Freedman, Joan Michelson, Orit Perlman, Elisabeth Murawski and Jed Myers. “The poems ranged from those of celebration to those of lamentation with a focus on humor and varied poetry forms such as pantoums and haikus and sestinas,” Voices Israel president Wendy Blumfield told Haaretz.

PHOTO FINISH: Friendship Circle of Jerusalem, which pairs teen volunteers with youth with special needs to facilitate camaraderie, community activity, and inclusion, is holding its second annual Art of Friendship Gala Auction. The event “celebrates the creativity of youth with special needs, mentored by famous Jerusalem artists,” the organization stated. This year’s project involved putting together a coffee table book of photographs from around Jerusalem. “The children worked in harmony with each other, some taking photographs and others adding various mediums of artwork to the photos,” said Chanie Canterman, the director of Friendship Circle. “This cooperation worked its magic.” Canterman, who hails from London, said the “knowledge gleaned from each photographer has taught them more than I can express.” The fundraiser will be held October 8 in Jerusalem, but attendees are asked to RSVP by September 19. For more info, email fcjeru@gmail.com.

Rank and File was compiled by Steven Klein.

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