Rank and File: Telfed's Annual Passover Picnic and Braai at Kibbutz Tzora

Plus, the Kol HaOt Illuminated Haggadah Fair in Jerusalem and a three-pronged pilot program by Keep Olim

Telfed's annual Chol Hamoed Passover Picnic and Braai at Kibbutz Tzora in 2018.
Dorron Kline

A PASSOVER BBQ? BRAAI-ENU: Telfed, the South African Zionist Federation, is hosting its annual Chol Hamoed Passover Picnic and Braai — which regularly draws over 100 participants annually — in Kibbutz Tzora from 11 A.M. to 4 P.M. on Sunday. “This will be the 13th year, our bar mitzvah year,” noted Telfed’s Dorron Kline. He told Haaretz the picnic is open to all immigrant families from South Africa and Australia. Although the majority come from nearby Beit Shemesh, he said visitors also come from as far away as Haifa, Gush Etzion, Jerusalem, Modi’in, Netanya and Tel Aviv. “It’s nice to expose the mainly religious olim [immigrants] from Beit Shemesh to the nonreligious olim from Kibbutz Tzora,” Kline observed. Organized by the Telfed Beit Shemesh Regional Committee and Kibbutz Tzora, attractions include soccer, rugby and cricket, as well as tours of the Tzora winery and dairy, and water slides. Families are encouraged to bring their own braai, the traditional South African barbecue. For more info, call Aviva at 09-790-7805.

HAGGADAH’S GREATEST HITS: “Kol Hakolot – Songs of the Haggadah” is the theme of the annual Kol HaOt Illuminated Haggadah Fair, to be held this Monday at the Hutzot Hayotzer Artists Colony in Jerusalem. Organizers said the event will feature a mass group-singing experience, with hundreds of people joining in a chorus of the Haggadah’s greatest hits. “This multisensory musical happening, based on these beloved Passover songs, will be an opportunity for the public to be part of an unforgettable holiday video in a magical setting just outside the Old City walls,” said Elyssa Moss Rabinowitz, Kol HaOt’s executive director. “The mass harmonious chorus will be creating a new expression of freedom and redemption,” she added. The fair will also feature works by artists such as Matthew Berkowitz, a native of Freehold, New Jersey; David Moss, who is from Dayton, Ohio; and Ben Simon, who hails from Long Island. For more info, visit www.funinjerusalem.com/hakolot

HELPING DISTRESSED IMMIGRANTS: Alex Sasaki, the 27-year-old lone soldier from California who was found dead last month, is the latest case in a trend worrying immigrant-support organizations like Keep Olim. In an effort to support immigrants in distress, who reportedly account for a third of all suicides in Israel, Keep Olim is launching a three-pronged pilot program involving support groups, crisis hotlines and counseling. “We have 13 groups in five languages in five cities,” Keep Olim co-founder LiAmi Lawrence told Haaretz, with English-language groups in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Be’er Sheva and Beit Shemesh. “We are also starting up a crisis hotline and another one for soldiers to speak anonymously to therapists,” he said, adding: “Seventy people called me last year, five in the last three weeks.” He said there are 75 therapists on standby for one-to-one counseling, under the direction of volunteer program director Dr. Robert Lubin. For more info, visit https://keepolim.org/en/

Rank and File was compiled by Steven Klein.

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