Rank and File / February 17

Jerusalem Galas

The AACI (Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel ) is offering two events this week to entice Jerusalemites to come in out of the cold. On Tuesday, the AACI will hold a festive gala featuring two North American-born artists who are participating in a new art show that is open through April. Entitled "Pattern and Perspective," the exhibit displays the works of American-Israeli Chanan Mazal and Canadian-Israeli Ron Gang. Mazal says he was "born under the shadow of the George Washington Bridge," and as a child "constructed suspension bridges with chairs, sheets and piles of books gauging the weight and tension needed to keep it intact." Gang, who moved to Israel in 1972 and who lives on Kibbutz Urim in the Western Negev, paints the "soul, spirit and colors" of his desert surroundings, according to the artist. Two days later, on Thursday, the AACI will hold its Gala Auction, the closing event of its 60th anniversary celebration. Badina Mishkoff Kischel, the chairperson of the auction, says that besides jewelry, artwork and Judaica, the auction will feature items that "you can't put a price on" - such as an evening at a Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball game with Tal Brody, the team's legendary American-Israeli player.

Arts Envoys

Antigone Rising, an all-female pop/rock band from New York, will present a series of free performances and workshops next week in Israel and the PA, under the auspices of the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv. Founding member Cathy Henderson said the band - which includes her sister Kristen Henderson as well as Nini Camps and Dena Tauriello - said "absolutely" yes when given the chance to visit here for the first time. She says the workshops will be an opportunity to "meet people" and explore a "universal love for music." She added, "It's entirely a passion." The musicians have played with the Rolling Stones and Aerosmith, among other rock bands. Shows open to the public include Beit Mazia in Jerusalem on Tuesday, the Zoran Community Center in Kadima on Wednesday and at Rothschild 12 in Tel Aviv on Thursday. The tour also includes visits to Ramallah and Bethlehem. For more information, contact Jackie Stein at 057-4206837.

Love Stories

Although Valentine's Day is behind us, Ang-Lit. Press is focusing on love during the upcoming months as it collects entries for its short fiction anthology, "Israel Short Love Stories." Fiction writers have until April 30 to submit their stories to the anthology, due to be released in early 2013. "Every week someone approaches us with a novel, but our niche is the collective voice of English-speaking Israel residents, with the emphasis on 'collective,'" says Shelley Goldman, CEO of Ang-Lit.Press. "Taken in their entirety, Ang-Lit.Press's short story collections reflect the multiculturalism that we believe is a defining characteristic of Israeli society." According to Wendy Geri of Ang-Lit. Press, the new anthology will follow the same format as the publisher's earlier "Tel Aviv Short Stories" and "Israel Short Stories," with "love" as the subject this time and the setting anywhere in Israel. Submission details are provided on the publisher's website, www.ta2009.com.

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