Rank and File: Date Me in Tel Aviv!

Comedy for Koby is back; Desert Rose presents 'Together, Against the Odds.'

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Yifat Sharabi, left, and Ayala Shiftan looking for someone to date, on a Tel Aviv bus.
Yifat Sharabi, left, and Ayala Shiftan looking for someone to date, on a Tel Aviv bus.Credit: Daniel Hoffmann / theworldbyaj
Steve Klein
Steven Klein

CULTURE CLASH: When two women, a new immigrant and a native-born Israeli, find themselves marooned at a Tel Aviv wedding bar, they start telling each other about their sexual escapades and disappointments, as well as the cultural differences they encounter. That meeting is the premise of a new comedy by Antwerp-born Noemi Schlosser called “DATE ME in TLV!” Schlosser told Haaretz the show is drawn from her “dating extensively in Tel Aviv.” The event Wednesday evening at the intimate Ozen Bar in Tel Aviv features a preview of the full production, due this spring, and a panel of “sexperts” who will discuss sex, relationships, dating and matchmakers. The performance, starring Ayala Shiftan and Yifat Sharabi, will include scenes in both Hebrew and English. For more info, call (054) 724-5568.

TRIO OF TROUPERS: Comedy for Koby is back, featuring the talents of Hollywood comedians Kermet Apio, Erin Jackson and Bob Zany. This winter’s edition, which runs November 28 through December 6, once again benefits the Koby Mandell Foundation, and in particular Camp Koby for children who have lost loved ones to terror or tragedy. “I have yet to receive a single email or phone call about security concerns from any one of these three comedians,” said host Avi Liberman, referring to the recent violence, noting that only Zany has been to Israel before. “It’s a credit to them.” This tour added a new whistle stop to Modi’in, Ra’anana, Beit Shemesh, Jerusalem, Gush Etzion and Tel Aviv: “We’ve never been to Be’er Sheva before,” said Liberman. To order tickets, visit http://www.comedyforkoby.com.

‘COMING OUT’: While “coming out” is associated with the LGBT community, for Grant Crankshaw and Daniella Roman it was about going public as a heterosexual couple at drama school. The two professional actors from South Africa have loosely incorporated this event and others into an English-language musical “Together, Against the Odds,” which played in Zichron Ya’akov on Tuesday and will take the stage in Ra’anana on Monday. The “lighthearted musical comedy,” as they describe it, covers the protagonists’ journey as they go from “the trauma of converting to Judaism to making aliyah and surviving Israeli plumbing and gas masks.” Crankshaw and Roman formed Desert Rose Productions, which is putting on the show, after moving to Israel. For more information, call Grant at (052) 374-8996.

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