Rank and File: Crowdfunding Project Looks to Beautify Israel's Streets

Plus, Women in Theater perform 'Our Town' in Ra'anana and the 'Security Measures' exhibition opens in Modi'in

British street artist Solomon Souza.
Aviram Valdman / Courtesy of the Israel Innovation Fund

‘OUR TOWN’ IN RA’ANANA: In preparation for performing Thornton Wilder’s “Our Town” – which takes place at the turn of the 20th century – the cast and crew of Women in Theater explored its social and historical backdrop in relation to the Jewish Yishuv at the time, Tamar Krantman Weiss told Haaretz. “We found that people were reconnecting with their land here, which is the opposite of what was going on in America, and we found that examining the subject matter in this way gives the actors an added element to their performance,” said the St. Louis native, who is the theater’s executive producer. The principal cast in director Pnina Fredman-Schechter’s production includes Sandy Cash, Karni Abell, Etti Mosenkis, Carla Sprung, Ninoska Ravid, Aviva Steinberger, Rhonda Lloyd, Shari Jovani, Bibsi Zuckerbrot and Harriet Spitzer. Having opened in Jerusalem, Monday’s performance in Modi’in is sold out. However, tickets are still available – for women only – for Ra’anana on Wednesday. For tickets, visit womenintheater.com.

‘SECURITY’ ALERT: Gallery director and owner Audrey Levy’s latest exhibition at her Sklar Levy Gallery in Modi’in delves into the theme of “security measures.” The exhibition “proposes an outline for different structures of order and regulation that are the supposed foundation for creating a safe environment,” said Shirley Wegner, the collection’s curator. “The works in this exhibition enable the viewer to experience security, or lack thereof, via the dichotomy the word ‘security’ connotes and through the tension in the unattainability of what the very word implies.” The exhibition features Larry Abramson, who hails from South Africa, as well as Ron Amir, Yair Barak, Mali De-Kalo, Gilad Efrat, Yael Efrati, Haimi Fenichel, Zac Hacmon, Roi Kuper and Hadar Saifan. The exhibition runs through February 2. For more info, call 054-316-4080 or visit the Sklar Levy website.

Audrey Levy in her gallery in Modi'in, November 2018.
Courtesy of Audrey Levy

CROWDFUNDING TAKES TO THE STREETS: A few years ago, British-born street artist Solomon Souza began brightening up the closed shutters of Jerusalem’s Mahane Yehuda market with murals of famous Jewish and Zionist historical figures. That foray brought him to the attention of the Israel Innovation Fund, which has the mission of “reigniting the Zionist spirit” by “connecting people around the world through the vibrancy and creativity of contemporary Israeli culture.” Aiming to beautify three underserved communities in Israel, including Jerusalem, the fund has launched a crowdfunding campaign that will enable Souza – now the resident artist for its Hebrew Wallpaper Project – to produce more public murals. For more info about or to contribute to the project, visit https://chuffed.org/project/hebrewwallpaperproject