Rank and File: Charity That Fulfills Wishes for Terminally Ill Adults and Children

Rabbi Dr. Golan Ben-Chorin and the 'unity' of Limmud Connect || Marc Radzyner has been named the first-prize winner of the 2017 Voices Israel Reuben Rose Competition

Steve Klein
Steven Klein
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Limmud Connect Co-Chair Golan Ben-Chorin, May 10, 2018
Limmud Connect Co-Chair Golan Ben-Chorin, May 10, 2018Credit: Shlomi Amsalem / Limmud Connect
Steve Klein
Steven Klein

DREAM MERCHANT: Keren Hamishalot, which fulfills wishes for terminally ill adults and children, has announced it will hold a charity event in English at the Jerusalem Cinematheque on Thursday, May 17. Prof. Alice Shalvi will discuss “The Merchant of Venice” prior to a screening of the film version starring Al Pacino. The NGO, also known as Chariot of Wishes, is the initiative of Dutch-born Yael Ghera. She told Haaretz that the idea for the charity began with her friend Revital, who had had two failed bone marrow transplants. “She had a wish to join the wedding of a niece,” Ghera told Haaretz. “She got permission from medical staff and we took her with a car, so we managed to get her to Be’er Sheva. The morning after, she passed away.” She added, “We’ve helped hundreds” since its founding in 2012, granting nearly three wishes a week. For more info, visit the Keren Hamishalot Facebook page.

HAVE IT YOUR WAY: For Rabbi Dr. Golan Ben-Chorin, the special part of last weekend’s Limmud Connect, which last weekend brought to Israel 150 volunteer leaders of the global Jewish learning initiative, was the model it provides for the country. “It is a unique experience you rarely see around the Jewish world,” Ben-Chorin, who co-chaired the weekend with David Bilchitz, told Haaretz. “When you have such a diverse group, there are things you need to separate for, like prayer. There were four options, Orthodox, Conservative/Egalitarian, Reform/Liberal and meditative relaxation. This brings a sense of unity beyond uniformity.” In other words, he said, “We don’t have to have everything the same or together, and that’s what we lack in Israel.” Limmud attracts 40,000 people annually to its events. “This is what a vision is for what the Jewish people could really be,” Ben-Chorin added.

PRIZE VOICES: Marc Radzyner has been named the first-prize winner of the 2017 Voices Israel Reuben Rose Competition. Radzyner, who hails from Australia, received his honor at Voices Israel’s awards ceremony, which was held in Netanya on Sunday evening. In addition, Voices Israel awarded the second prize to Dr. Judy Belsky and third prize to Dina Yehuda, who is the chief editor of Voices Anthology. Iris Dan and Rumi Morkin, aka Miriam Webber, won honorable mention. The competition was judged by American poet Ricky Lupert, Ricky Friesem – who was the first prize-winner of the 2016 competition – and Joyce Schmid, the second prize-winner in 2016. Reuben Rose founded Voices Israel in Haifa in 1971 to provide a forum for writers of English poetry in Israel.

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