Rank and File: AACI Remembers Three Fallen Americans

Plus, a local elections primer for immigrants ahead of October 30 and workshops on aging for those over 70

Steve Klein
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Eliyahu Drori, the 20-year-old private from the community of Beit Shemesh, who died in a tank accident on April 15, 2018.
Eliyahu Drori, the 20-year-old private who died in a tank accident on the southern Israeli border on April 15, 2018.
Steve Klein

REMEMBERING THREE FALLEN AMERICANS: The AACI – the Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel – will remember three fallen Americans at its national memorial ceremony at the AACI Memorial Site, near Sha’ar Hagai outside Jerusalem, next Thursday. “There are three very different cases,” said Donna Grushka, who co-chairs the memorial committee. “Eliyahu Drori was [killed] in a tank accident [in April]; Ari Fuld was killed a month ago by a terrorist [at the Gush Etzion Junction]; and David Seymour was a world-famous photojournalist who was actually killed in Sinai trying to cover a prisoner exchange in 1956 and was killed by an Egyptian soldier.” Grushka said that although Seymour wasn’t Israeli, his name was added because he was “bearing witness with his camera to what was going on” in Israel’s conflicts. Gidi Mark, international CEO of Taglit-Birthright, will be the keynote speaker. A bus is provided from Jerusalem. To RSVP, call 02-566-1181.

LOCAL ELECTIONS PRIMER: With the municipal elections coming up on October 30, deciding who to vote for can be daunting for immigrants unfamiliar with how the local political system works. That’s why Nefesh B’Nefesh, the immigrant support organization, is offering an event at WeWork Haifa next Tuesday called “Everything You Wanted to Know About Local Israeli Elections But Didn’t Know Who to Ask.” “The person leading the event is Danny Hershtal,” NbN’s Tani Kramer told Haaretz. “He has a number of years of experience in the Israeli political scene and will share his knowledge and experience with the olim.” Kramer emphasized that there will not be any representation of the various political parties, but rather “a general overview of the system” and “how it affects their life.” The event is free but advanced registration is required. For more info, email spaperin@nbn.org.il.

AGING PROCESS: A few years ago, Jungian psychoanalyst Chava Morris met a friend and colleague from England she hadn’t seen for 40 years. “Before we sat down she said to me, ‘Doesn’t it set your teeth on edge when people say to you, “Do you still drive? Good for you!”’” she told Haaretz. That conversation inspired Morris to develop a workshop on aging that she offers in both English and Hebrew, with the next commencing on Monday October 22 in Jerusalem. “We wondered, ‘What is it that we want, how would we like to be related to?’ After that, when I met people of my generation, the same subjects came up,” recalled Morris, who was born in Czechoslovakia but escaped to England with her family in 1939. Morris said the workshops for people aged 70 and over creates “a dynamic of closeness and intimacy without being intrusive.” For more info, call Sammie at 052-360-6720.

Rank and File was compiled by Steven Klein.

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