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2,000 North Americans Set to Make Aliyah This Summer

Plus, Colel Chabad opens LoveAble Gift Shop in Jerusalem and a new writers group starts in Tel Aviv

Steven Klein
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Ray Negari, 80, after landing at Ben-Gurion Airport on July 31, 2019.
Ray Negari, 80, after landing at Ben-Gurion Airport on July 31, 2019.Credit: Tomer Malichi
Steven Klein

LIFE BEGINS AT ... 80: A group of 95 new immigrants, comprised of 35 families and singles, arrived at Ben-Gurion Airport on Wednesday. The immigrants originate from a variety of states, including Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Georgia and Texas. Rabbi Yehoshua Fass, cofounder and executive director of immigrant-support NGO Nefesh B’Nefesh, said he expected about 2,000 North Americans to move to Israel this summer. Among the new arrivals was 80-year-old Ray Negari, who emigrated with his wife from Iran to the United States in the 1960s. “Since my childhood in Iran, my father used to tell me and my seven brothers and sisters stories about the land of Israel,” he said on Wednesday. “At the age of 77, I found myself deciding the time had finally come to fulfill my dream and create a home for myself in the Jewish state. It’s never too late to live out your dreams.”

RAID THE PANTRY: The social services organization Colel Chabad announced this week the opening of LoveAble Gift Shop at its Pantry Packers food-packing facility in Jerusalem. All the items sold at the new shop are handmade, printed and created by residents of the Grabski Rehabilitation Center and Beis Finger, homes for residents with multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and other degenerative diseases. The shop’s first salesperson is Daniella Liphsitz, a saleswoman from South Africa who moved with her family to Israel in 2016 and has been a resident of Beis Finger for the past six months. Daniella, who suffers from CP, said she was happy to have the opportunity to continue in the same line of work in Jerusalem. The shop will be open when groups and families are scheduled for Pantry Packers volunteering. For more info about visiting the shop, call 052-677-0026.

Daniella Liphsitz, the first salesperson at the LoveAble Gift Shop.Credit: Beit Finger

YOGA FOR THE MIND: A new monthly event has been created for writers in Tel Aviv. The Writers Circle was founded by Zo Flamenbaum, a self-described “writer, poet, rapper, journalist and avid to-do list maker,” who launched the initiative last month. “One woman who came last time said it was like yoga for her mind — she was inspired,” she recalled the woman telling her. “As a writer, I think it’s really just about creating space and holding it to allow people to make time for themselves,” added Flamenbaum, who was born in Israel but grew up in New Jersey and has been back nearly nine years. She noted that every session has a different theme, with this Tuesday’s being on “bravery.” All meetings will take place at ANU Yoga Studio on the first Tuesday of each month. For more info, call Zo at 054-615-4315 or visit the Facebook page.

CORRECTION: In the list of those honored for Volunteer of the Year by the AACI last week, the name of Belle Fine-Cohen was omitted. 

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