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An effort by Nefesh B'Nefesh to ease the professional licensing process for dentists wishing to move to and practice in Israel drew only three North American dentists to Israel earlier this month for the clinical segment of the exam. The organization, in coordination with the Health Ministry, held the first segment - a written multiple-choice exam - in New York last spring, the first time any part of the exam was administered outside Israel; 16 dentists sat for the exam, and 13 passed. The 10 who passed but did not take the recent clinical exam have three years in which to come to Israel to be tested. "We held this test on a trial basis and we consider it a great success that 16 dentists came for the New York segment. We probably won't hold it on an annual basis because there are not enough dentists in the New York area to justify it, but we if we see that there is a need, we absolutely are open to doing it again," says Renana Levine, a spokesperson for NBN. (Tamar Morad )


On her deathbed, breast cancer patient Susan Komen made her sister promise that she would try everything in her power to end breast cancer forever. Her sister obliged and founded the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation, which thirty years later is the largest volunteer-based organization raising awareness and supporting scientific research for the disease's prevention. Next Thursday, the "Race for the Cure" - the nonprofit's flagship fundraising project - is coming to Israel for the first time, after having been organized in 141 cities around the world. "We plan to bring, between 5,000 and hopefully even 10,000 people to walk in Jerusalem, to emphasize the importance of the awareness of breast cancer," said Audrey Shimron, the executive director of Hadassah's Israel operation, which is co-sponsoring the event. "Unfortunately, the number of women with breast cancer is rising," added Shimron, who was born in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe ) before she immigrated to Israel in 1974. Breast cancer is the number one cause of death among women in Israel. (Raphael Ahren )


Raise Your Spirits Theatre is wrapping up the production of the play Judge!-Song of Devorah which will be shown five times between October 24 and November 21. The Gush Etzion women's non-profit theater troupe - by women and for women - was formed in 2001 by Sharon Katz to raise collective spirits amid the terror attacks occurring around that time. Toby Klein Greenwald did the story adaptation and lyrics and is directing Judge! and Yael Valier is assistant director. Music is by Mitch Clyman, and the music director is Gayle Berman, who also plays Devorah. Sara Orenstein is the play's choreographer. "Raise Your Spirits fulfills a critical personal need for so many women who like to perform but who follow the halacha [Jewish law] of not performing or signing in front of men," says Greenwald, an Efrat resident. Greenwald adds that what is important about Judge! is that the biblical Devorah "was a tremendous example of leadership by a woman" in an age when female leadership was a rarity. For tickets, call 052-771-0659; for bus transportation, call 054-944-8249. (Tamar Morad )


The Israeli press suffers from a misperception regarding how influential the pro-Israel lobby in Washington is, "without any real knowledge about what sort of Arab interest lobby exists," historian and foreign policy analyst Mitchell Bard told Anglo File recently. "A lot of times you read in the Israeli press or you hear from Israelis the idea that 'Congress will support Israel because of the strength of the pro-Israel lobby,'" said Bard, who heads the American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise, which brings Israeli academics on guest professorships to U.S. colleges. "But they don't really know or are aware of the lobbying efforts that often go on behind the scenes, added Bard, who is in Israel to promote his 22nd book, "The Arab Lobby: The Invisible Alliance That Undermines America's Interests in the Middle East." Bard will speak in Jerusalem's Menachem Begin Heritage Center on October 31, along with Begin Center Chairman Herzl Makov and NGO Monitor's Gerald Steinberg. For more info, call: (02 ) 565 2011. (Raphael Ahren )

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