Ramen to That: Asian Food in Israel

Tel Aviv may be in the heart of the Middle East, but its culinary scene offers plenty of options from the Asian continent. 'Tel Aviv Table' takes a taste.

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This episode of 'Tel Aviv Table' explores the Asian food invasion, starting with a chat with pioneering celebrity chef Yisrael Aharoni, who long ago introduced Israelis to Chinese food. Then we get a glimpse of high-profile restaurants such as the luxurious Taizu and Topolopompo and the dim sum eateries opening on every corner. Gloria Liu and Jiuli Guo, known as the Dumpling Girls, talk about their underground mission to bring authentic Chinese dumplings to Tel Aviv and Walla! food editor Gerda Glazer spills the beans on where to get the best dim sum, ramen, pad thai and pho soup in the White City.

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David Bowie - China Girl
V.A - Two Chinesemen (Shnaim Sinim)
Coldplay - Princess of China
Teresa Deng - The Moon Represents My Heart
Rose Fostanes - My Way (Live on X-Factor)
Murray Head - One Night In Bangkok

Noodles.Credit: Limor Laniado Tiroche