Ra'anana Woman Charged Over Strangling of Her Two Daughters

Michal Aloni had suffered from clinical depression; in November she strangled to death Natali, 6, and Roni, 4 with a sock.

A Ra'anana woman was charged Tuesday with killing her two young daughters last month by strangling them with a sock.

Michal Aloni, killed her duaghters Nir Kedar
Nir Kedar

The indictment sheet, presented to the Petah Tikva District Court, stated that Michal Aloni, who had suffered from clinical depression, strangled her two daughter, Natali, 6, and Roni, 4 a few days after she was informed that social welfare authorities were planning on discussing future care options for the two girls.

Her brother, who was at the apartment at the time, said he heard his sister screaming after the girls had already been killed, but heard nothing before that. He reportedly then entered the room and called the Magen David Adom rescue service, telling them the girls appeared to be dead.

Michal Aloni worked at assisting children and the elderly. The family reportedly lived in Michal's mother's apartment, where the murders took place.

The Aloni family has been known to the Ra'anana social welfare authorities since 2008.

Michal Aloni is known to have received outpatient hospital care, but social welfare authorities are unaware of any psychiatric hospitalizations. The director of the municipal social welfare department, Orna Leshem, said the family has been handled professionally and "they have been provided everything they need." She expressed shock at the murders.

Aloni's brother said there had been friction between him and his sister and that the two were not on speaking terms. He, too, is known to the social welfare authorities and has a history of psychiatric problems.

The social welfare department said a social worker had visited the family on Sunday and Michal was cooperative. It was a routine visit but came against the backdrop of reports that the children had not been attending the educational institutions where they were enrolled. It was also noted that Michal Aloni recently accompanied Natali's class on a field trip and that nothing seemed wrong.

Aloni's husband, Amos, reportedly visited the social welfare office a day before the murders. He was said to have left when he did not find the social worker there, but did not leave a message.