Yair Lapid's Party Poised to Double in Size as Netanyahu's Party Weakens, Latest Polls Show

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Yair Lapid at a meeting of Yesh Atid Knesset members in May 2017.
Yair Lapid at a meeting of Yesh Atid Knesset members in May 2017.Credit: Emil Salman

New public opinion polls reveal Likud and the right-wing bloc are showing signs of electoral weakness while the center-left is strengthening, but the two blocs are still running neck and neck, Israel's evening news programs reported on Wednesday.

If the Knesset election were held today, Likud would lose several seats while Yair Lapid’s Yesh Atid would gain a considerable number, according to polls conducted by Channel 10 and the Israeli News Company, formerly known as Channel 2.

The center-left could block the formation of a right-wing government, with Yesh Atid, Zionist Union, Meretz and the Joint List together getting 61 seats, according to the Channel 10 poll. But in the News Company poll, the right and ultra-Orthodox bloc get 62 seats compared to the center-left’s 58 seats.

If elections were to take place today, Likud would receive 26 seats, according to Channel 10, and 24, according to the News Company – compared to the 30 seats it has in the current Knesset. Yesh Atid, with 11 seats in the Knesset, would win 22 (Channel 10) or 20 (News Company).

The Zionist Union drops in both polls, from 24 seats to 21 (News Company) or 19 (Channel 10).

Habayit Hayehudi would gain strength, going from its current eight seats to either 11 (Channel 10) or 12 (News Company). The Joint List loses a seat in both polls, dropping to 12, while Kulanu, with 10 seats today, drops to eight according to the News Company poll, and seven according to Channel 10.

United Torah Judaism stays at six seats in the Channel 10 poll, while it gains two seats according to the News Company survey. Shas gets only four seats in both polls (it now has seven), while Yisrael Beiteinu keeps its six seats in the News Company poll and drops to five in the Channel 10 poll. The Channel 10 survey shows Meretz going from five to eight seats, while the News Company poll has it remaining at five.

In a poll reported by Channel 10 on Saturday, Likud got 26 seats, Yesh Atid, 21; Zionist Union, 20; the Joint List, 12; Habayit Hayehudi, 10; Meretz, 7, Kulani, 7; Yisrael Beiteinu, 6 and UTJ, 6. In that poll, Shas doesn’t pass the electoral threshold and would not enter the next Knesset.