Police: Israeli Responsible for Shooting Death of Palestinian Teen

Video footage captured near scene of shooting shows group of Palestinians attacking man, who responds by firing at them; police continue to investigate, search after shooter.

The Palestinian who was shot to death near Nablus on Thursday appears to have been shot by an unidentified Israeli, police confirmed after Palestinians reported earlier in the day that the shooting was carried out by a settler.

Palestinian eyewitnesses said that 18-year-old Fadi Kaddous was shot to death by a settler after clashes broke out between the settler and a group of rock-throwing Palestinians.

A nearby security camera apparently captured grainy images of the shooting and confirmed that the shooter had Israeli features.

The camera footage showed the group of Palestinians attacking a man with rocks. The man responded by firing a gun in the air, which failed to deter his attackers. The man fired again, this time in the direction of the Palestinians. The video supposedly shows the bullet entering and exiting the shoulder-chest region of one of the attackers; it is being further studied by ballistics experts.

Police also investigated the group of three Palestinian villagers who reported the incident. The group had at first said that armed settlers attacked them but further on in the investigation changed their testimony. The police are currently searching for the unidentified shooter.