Police Identify 300 of the pro-Palestinian Activists to Arrive in Israel

Security forces on alert for activists planning to arrive in coming days to show solidarity for Palestinian cause.

Police have identified the names of 300 pro-Palestinian activists set to arrive at Ben-Gurion International Airport on Thursday night and Friday, according to a report by Israel Radio.

Mazen Komsiya, a Palestinian organizer of the activists planning to arrive in Israel in the coming days said that they do not plan to stage protests at the airport, and are committed to non-aggression, Israel Radio reported.

Increased security at Ben-Gurion Airport, July 6, 2011
Moti Milrod

He added that activists will be requested to sign a document upon arrival at the Palestinian territories, where many of them plan to visit, saying that they will not engage in violence.
Komsiya estimated that between 600 and 800 foreign nationals would be arriving in Israel to show solidarity for the Palestinian people.The protesters are coming by air in lieu of the stymied Gaza flotilla.

Police are preparing for the influx of activists, and around 600 police officers have deployed at Ben-Gurion to stop the projected hundreds if not thousands of foreigners expected to arrive Thursday and Friday.

Israeli security forces believe that beginning early Friday, activists will start arriving on 50 flights from throughout Europe. If they get in, they are expected to try to reach locations in both Israel and the territories.

Some activists have already entered the country; they were not stopped so as not to create unnecessary friction. But five activists from Belgium and France were detained and deported after they landed at Ben-Gurion.

Although the police are in charge of the situation, the command post to be set up Thursday is to be staffed jointly by the police, intelligence personnel, the Interior Ministry, the Israel Airports Authority and the Foreign Ministry.

Police expect the first wave of activists to land at around 1 A.M. Friday.