Police Arrest Third Suspect in Alleged Jewish Terrorist Affair

West Bank resident released hours after arrested in Jerusalem for assisting Chaim Pearlman on suspicion of helping with multiple attacks on Arabs, including two murders.

Israeli security forces on Sunday arrested a second man suspected of assisting alleged Jewish terrorist Chaim Pearlman in stabbing several Arabs in East Jerusalem over an extended period of time. The suspect was released several hours after being taken into custody.

Suspected Jewish terrorist Chaim Pearlman

Far-right activist Pearlman, 29, was arrested in July for allegedly stabbing two Palestinians to death in 1998 and for a string of attacks on other Palestinian victims.

The Shin Bet two weeks arrested Jerusalem resident David Sitbon, 28, for allegedly supplying Pearlman with a weapon. It is unclear what type of weapon he allegedly provided Pearlman and whether it was used in the attacks under question.

The suspect arrested on Sunday is a 30-year-old resident of the West Bank settlement of Mitzpe Jericho, an immigrant from the Commonwealth of Independent States who has connections to the far-right political party Kach.

He was arrested in the store in which he works in Jerusalem.

Police previously arrested the man in 1999 for alleged involvement in the stabbings, but lack of evidence led to his release after five days.

Associates of Pearlman's described his arrest as a police attempt "to present the illusion that the investigation was progressing." They had also said in the past that officials at the Shin Bet had  tried to recruit Pearlman into commiting crimes, and said he has evidence to back up that claim. They added that the Shin Bet is seeking vengeance.

Both Pearlman and Sitbon have denied allegations against them. There was no comment yet available from the third suspect.