Police Arrest Teenage Settler for Exposing Top Shin Bet Agent on YouTube

Hebron resident, 17, allegedly uploaded a video of A., the head of service's Jewish Division, exposing his face and indicating his full name.

Israel Police detained a teenage settler on Thursday over suspicions he had uploaded a YouTube video exposing the identity of the head of the Shin Bet's Jewish Division.

Rightists release video of Shin Bet officials touring Hebron

The Shin Bet official, known only as A., is the head of the service's Makhlaka Hayehudit ("The Jewish Division"), which is tasked with monitoring the activities of the extreme right wing in the West Bank.

A. resides in a tiny settlement in the West Bank. Military censorship laws do not permit media outlets to publish A.'s full name and place of residence, though this information is common knowledge among wide swaths of the settler population in the territories.

The video allegedly uploaded by the 17-year-old Hebron resident, and which has been available online in recent months, clearly exposed the face of the top Shin Bet commander as he was patrolling the West Bank city, and included a caption indicating his full name.

Shockwaves were sent far and wide within the security organization, with officials saying that besides being a criminal offence, exposing A.'s identify risked his life since he had also acted to prevent potential terror activities originating from the West Bank's Palestinian population.

The teenager was charged with exposing a Shin Bet official as well as with threatening the security official, and was released from police custody after being arrested earlier Thursday. He denied all charges levied against him.