Widow of Jaffa's Arab Christian Leader Found Stabbed to Death

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The house of Cadis on June 8, 2018
The house of Cadis on June 8, 2018Credit: Josh Breiner

The widow of the head of Jaffa's Christian community was stabbed to death early Friday, six years after her husband's murder. The Israeli police arrested two suspects Friday for their suspected role in the murder of Padilla Cadis, the widow of Gabriel Cadis, chairman of the Orthodox Christian Association who was murdered in 2012.

The two suspects, an 18-year-old young man and woman close to Cadis' family, will be brought to before a Tel Aviv judge to have their detention extended. The police investigation raised the suspicion that the murder was committed due to over personal conflict stemming from Cadis' objection to the two's relationship. Cadis, 52, is had four children. Her funeral will take place at in the afternoon at St. George's Church in Jaffa. A gag order was imposed on the details of the investigation.

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The police collected security cameras from nearby houses in an attempt to shed light on the incident. Cadis' house is also wired with cameras and neighbors say there is an alarm, but it appears that the murderer entered the house unhindered.

"It is already dangerous to be a woman - not only in Jaffa but in the entire Arab community. Only an animal could do this murder," said Cadis' neighbor. A relative of the murdered woman added that, "there are no words to describe this debacle."

"She was a good woman who was traumatized," says another neighbor. "This is a sad and shocking story. In the past, they would have never dared to raise a hand on a woman, but today, they can kill a woman with impunity. That goes not only for the police but for the Arab population: Why are there weapons? Why are there drugs? Where is the education? It's shocking," she added.

"She was an amazing woman. This is a very respectable and modest family," said another woman who came to comfort the family.

Her husband, Gabriel "Gabi" Cadis was murdered at Christmas six years ago. Fuad Abu Maneh, who was convicted of the murder in 2016, disguised himself as Santa Claus and stabbed Cadis with a knife. The background for the murder was a legal battle over a residential apartment owned by the Christian Association. Padilla testified at the trial of those involved in the murder.

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