Police Arrest Father of Suspected Druze Spy

Defense attorney: No allegations made against the father. He was arrested only as a means of applying pressure on his son.

Police investigators on Wednesday arrested Majd Sha'ar, father of 27-year-old Fada Sha'ar, who is suspected of having committed crimes against Israeli security.

Fada Sha'ar, suspected of crimes including contacting a foreign agent, was arrested on Sunday, sparking riots as thousands of residents of the Druze village of Majdal Shams tried to prevent the police from locating the suspect in the Golan Heights village.

The father's defense attorney, who also represents of the son, told Haaretz that the arrest was illogical and strange. According to the attorney, the suspect's father was detained for questioning earlier this week, following his son's arrest, and released several hours later.

No allegations were raised against the father, the attorney added, explaining that had the father been suspected of a crime he would not have been released. According to the defense attorney, the father's arrest was made only as a means to apply pressure on the son.