PODCAST: How the New Right and Old Friends Could Derail Netanyahu's Election Campaign

Will the Bennett/Shaked breakaway party help or hinder the prime minister's bid for re-election? Will his friendship with President Trump be an asset or a liability? Plus – a rhetorical question inspired by Amos Oz


In this week's episode of Haaretz Weekly, host Simon Spungin talks to Haaretz's Chemi Shalev and Judy Maltz about the biggest issues of the week: the formation of a new right-wing party, which seeks to provide an alternative to the leadership of Benjamin Netanyahu ahead of the April election and the visit by the prime minister (and his wife and son) to Brazil, where they have been feted by the country's controversial president-elect, Jair Bolsonaro.

Haaretz Weekly podcast, Episode 10Haaretz

We also ask: Could Netanyahu's reliance on the support of Donald Trump – political, moral and military – backfire, if the notoriously capricious president springs another unwelcome surprise on the Israeli prime minister?

We also discuss Judy's recent investigative report into Evangelical funding of projects in Jewish communities in the West Bank. According to the report, more than $65 million has been poured into these projects over the past decade.

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