LISTEN: Why Israel Is About to Boycott a Nobel-winning Human Rights Group

Amnesty International tried to persuade online booking companies to stop listing sites in the West Bank. In response, Israel is trying to outlaw it. PLUS: The latest on the upcoming general election. Listen free.

An Amnesty protest outside the U.K. headquarters of U.S. travel company Tripadvisor on Jan. 30, 2019.

In the first section of this two-part episode of Haaretz Weekly, host Simon Spungin talks to Yonatan Gher, director of Amnesty International Israel, about his organization's new campaign targeting online booking companies for "driving settlement expansion and profiting from war crimes." Has the campaign against Airbnb,, Expedia and TripAdvisor managed simultaneously to play into the hands of the BDS Movement and the Israeli right?

Haaretz Weekly Ep. 14Haaretz

In Part II, Simon is joined by Anshel Pfeffer for an obligatory but illuminating glance at the latest developments in the Israeli election campaign, which is now less than 10 weeks away. This week will see Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party select its list of candidates for the election, which could give us some indication of who is in line to replace Netanyahu when his tenure is brought to an end – either by voters or by the attorney general.

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