LISTEN: The Only Way Bibi Can Stay Out of Jail

Facing multiple graft charges, Benjamin Netanyahu would be happy for election season to last forever. But time is running out for Israel’s longest-serving PM. LISTEN FREE

Prime Minister Netanyahu at a meeting of his Likud faction in Feb. 2020.
Emil Salman

With just two weeks to go until Israel’s third election in 11 months, Anshel Pfeffer and Chaim Levinson join host Simon Spungin to discuss the seemingly intractable impasse that has bogged Israeli politics down for the past 14 months.

We ask: What will happen the day after the March 2 election? Will Netanyahu or Gantz finally be able to cobble together a coalition? Or will all the parties agree that three elections in less than a year is enough?

LISTEN: The only way Bibi can stay out of jailHaaretz Weekly Ep. 62

We also ask whether Mark Zuckerberg “liked” or “shared” Netanyahu’s concerns about how Facebook handles Likud’s online supporters and whether a yeshiva budgetary crisis could be the reason that ultra-Orthodox parties finally switch their allegiance from Bibi.

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