LISTEN: In the West Bank, I Saw the Death of Zionism

Bradley Burston discusses his recent visit to the West Bank and how he's resolved not to remain silent; PLUS: Danielle Ziri reports from the Women's March. Listen free.

AP/Ariel Schalit

On this two-part episode of Haaretz Weekly, host Simon Spungin talks to Danielle Ziri – Haaretz's New York correspondent – about the Women's March: amid allegations of anti-Semitic sympathies and the newly approved policy of opposing anti-BDS legislation, we ask what place Jewish women can and should have in this sisterly movement.

Bradley Burston describes his visit to the West Bank with settler leader Daniella WeissHaaretz

In Part 2, Bradley Burston describes his visit to the West Bank, as part of an upcoming series of articles on about the future of the two-state solution to the conflict with the Palestinians. After carefully avoiding the quicksand – literal and figurative – we ask: What can Israelis who oppose occupation do to hasten its end, who could they possibly vote for in the upcoming election and is the warning sounded by historian Benny Morris too little, too late?

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