PODCAST: Fundamentalist Israel Is No Longer Jewish, Says Avrum Burg. On Jewish Supremacy, Democracy and Diaspora

Former Jewish Agency chairman says he wants no part in Israel's 'new Judaism,' which ignores minorities and undermines democracy.

Haaretz Weekly
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Former Knesset Speaker and Jewish Agency Chairman Avrum Burg.
Former Knesset Speaker and Jewish Agency Chairman Avrum Burg.Credit: Emil Salman
Haaretz Weekly

Former Knesset speaker and Jewish Agency chairman Avraham ‘Avrum’ Burg joins host Simon Spungin to explain his request to have ‘Jewish’ deleted from his Israeli identity card and why the Nation-State Law was a “quantum leap” in Israel’s march toward an illiberal democracy.

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Fundamentalist Israel is no longer Jewish, says Avrum Burg on Haaretz Weekly podcast. LISTEN

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