Haaretz Weekly Podcast: With Early Election Looming, Will Netanyahu Pay the Price for Gaza Truce?

With an early election looking increasingly likely, we ask: will the prime minister's reticence to go to war cost him his premiership? And will Israel – at long last – qualify for a major international soccer tournament?

Haaretz Weekly podcast.
Haaretz Weekly
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Haaretz Weekly podcast.
Haaretz Weekly

In today's episode of Haaretz Weekly, host Simon Spungin talks to Noa Landau and Anshel Pfeffer about the political crisis gripping Israel: Will the prime minister's right-wing coalition partners force him into an early election? Will Benjamin Netanyahu's refusal to expand the Gaza operation cost him the premiership? And will an early election derail U.S. President Donald Trump's long-awaited "deal of the century" for Israel and the Palestinians?

In part 2, chief Haaretz sports writer Uzi Dann looks ahead to the Nations League soccer match between Israel and Scotland, which could pave the way for Israel to qualify for its first major international soccer tournament since 1970.

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